Company Profile


Defcon Marketing And Engineering Pte. Ltd. We started in 1999 in Singapore as a home-grown technology business and have grown to specialise in offering high pressure and flow products & services to land based, marine & amateur industries. This includes aerospace / defense, alternative fuels, automation, diving/life support, offshore, instrumentation, petroleum, pharmaceutical/biotech, semiconductor, speciality gas, systems & testing. We are widely recognised in Southeast Asia for our astute engineering solutions and utmost adherence to quality in products. Our wealth of experience has helped many of our clients from simple industrial applications to highly demand advance technology projects. To ensure the Best Quality products of our clients especially in Singapore, we are the Authorised Distributor for the top world brands in engineering products – Tescom and Wika.

Our Team – Focus on Quality


Our quality commitment at Defcon Marketing and Engineering is embedded in both our products and our processes at all levels of the organization. Our philosophy is based on 3 core values

  • Being Within Specifications
  • Zero Defects
  • Customer Satisfaction

We only work with ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturers and carry products that use ISO as a foundation for process consistency. While we work closely with our manufacturers, we use customer feedback and business metrics to continually drive for improvements in our solutions to customers and service quality.

We have a history of exceptional customer service and we take quality seriously. It is how we do the work and it is what we deliver to our customers!

Our Team – Project Management


Our experience and expertise are an independent verification source where we can inject Quality Assurance disciplines into the engineering, procurement and construction phases of your project. Our experience allows us to become an integral part of the project management team, assuring that the technical requirements are understood, implemented and verified. Managing effectively and delivering the right results is key to the success of any project.

Our direct partnerships with global brands TESCOM and WIKA enable us to provide an accurate assessment of the project requirements and specifications. Our other capabilities include:

  • Developing guidelines / work instructions or procedures for purchasing of critical and non-critical equipment, parts and products
  • Verifying materials and assuring traceability throughout the manufacturing processes
  • Overseeing onsite installation and start-up of equipment or components
  • Welding quality assessments, welding procedure development and welding process evaluation

Our Team – Product Delivery


We are very specific on Project Scope, Time and Cost when delivering our products and services. We ensure that our customers get the right products and services on time, at the right cost. We follow very closely with our customers to address any queries and concern they may have.

Suppliers’ commitment and deliveries are important in any project. Our experience indicates delivery delinquencies are systemically driven by misinterpretation of lead times, capacity constraints and product specifications. In Defcon Marketing and Engineering, we work towards excellence product delivery including understanding the nature of the capacity/load/lead time relationship, developing meaningful lead times, and only departing from lead times with supporting reschedules and focused management.

Our Team – Service and Maintenance


Defcon Marketing and Engineering has an efficient service and maintenance process which we have developed over the years.

Our unrivalled proficiency in repair and maintenance spanning a variety of brands and makes enables us to handle all equipment breakdowns and servicing needs efficiently.

More importantly, our maintenance service strives to stay ahead of any unplanned equipment downtimes and failures. Constant maintenance not only improves equipment safety and performance, but also keeps operational cost low thereby enhancing the business efficiency.

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